Cbtl.com Website Review & Ratings + CBTL Coupons
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Cbtl.com Website Review & Ratings + CBTL Coupons

CBTL has created a coffee brewing unit that permits consumers a chance to create a personalized experience. offering a variety of individual flavor capsules that produce just one perfect cup of Java or tea  at a time. The units come in a variety of styles, colors and features. The most amazing contribution this company is making with their products is their capacity to develop a system that minimizes waste and maximizes the flavors their patrons enjoy. It's easy to use and is the perfect assistant to produce a care free experience each time one is in the mood to treat themselves to their favorite warm cup of coffee or tea.

CBTL is associated with The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf Company. An establishment that has since 1963, immersed themselves in the worlds best coffee and tea products. They have a variety of store fronts and personally carry many of the items featured on the CBLT site. They can make you a wonderful cup of warm joy or equip you with all the essentials required to create your own. Either way, their mission is to ensure they have the capacity to arm their warm beverage lovers with premium products and services.

CBTL units have the following features and more:

CBTL: What makes it different?

CBLT Premium Club -For a ow monthly fee one can have access to timely delivery schedules that keep them well stocked of their favorite flavors. It is also a VIP entrance into exploring new flavors as they are being created. A great resource to keep the love of coffee an adventure that is full of surprises.

Individual Capsules - Wide selection of flavors that permit customers to choose the the experience they want without the hassle of convincing other coffee drinkers. Because each cup is measured to meet the needs of just one there is no waste to make you feel guilty. Espresso Flavors include: Italian, Premium, Premium Decaf and many more.

Teas - Tea lovers are  just as important as coffee drinkers and this company has created irresistible flavors to create a wondrous experience for those who simply enjoy a freshly brewed spot of tea. Flavors include:  Chai,Tropical Passion, English Breakfast and Moroccan Mint.

Powder Sachets & Sauces - No need to leave the kids in the cold with their Special Dutch Chocolate made with a blend of high quality cocoa and milk, sweetened just right. And then there's the French Deluxe Vanilla which is made with the best ingredients, balanced with just the right amount of sweetening, for the most delicious and richest vanilla.

Gift Ideas - This establishment has great gift ideas that also serve as educational instruments to teach everyday people how to make their own cup of professionally brewed tasting coffee's and teas,

CBTL vs. primary competitors (sites similar to CBTL)

Keurig Platinum Single Cup Brewer has relationships with the best in the business and around the world when it comes to their coffee resources and partners. From the types of soil used to grow their products to the conditions of the environment as a whole are all the aspects these professionals take into account to bring their absolute best to market. Sustainability, Green awareness and more are always at the forefront of their professional practices. Ever seen a coffee item that states its from Tanzania? Well they actually go there and to other places like Mexico to keep the integrity of their manufacturing efforts on the straight and narrow. Check out their resources on their site and experience video footage that takes you to the places where your coffee has been.

Cuisinart Introduced the first food processor in 1973, and has had celebrity endorsements from chefs like Julia Child's and James Beard. They specialize in everything one could need to have a successful culinary career and or personal experience. They have a large following that has been built by their dedication to excellence. They are carried in a number of mainstream outlets like Macy’s and more. While their merchandise might appear to be a bit pricier than its competitors it is because they use the best materials around. They are an investment that many consumers are making with confidence.


CBTL develops its own coffee, tea and cocoa resources. Their line of units are attractive and do not require a great deal of counter space. This is an added incentive to their already great approach to minimizing waste.


CBTL there line of flavors are not as extensive as its competitors.

CBTL: Pricing & packages


  • americano - This is the newest addition to the CBTL product line. The Americano is elegant and easy to use for the at home barista. $149.99
  • contata - Merging timeless design and effortless functionality, the Contata satisfies the eye as well as the palate. Its compact size and classic colors appeal to good taste. $139.99
  • kaldi - Sleek design meets vibrant color. With its smooth curves and gleaming metallics, the Kaldi’s streamlined looks match its ease of use. Its innovative one-touch technology delivers perfection in every cup. $179.99
  • Beverage Capsules - Pack of 10 for $7.00

Keurig Platinum Single Cup Brewer:

  • Brew hot or over ice with the Keurig Platinum B70 Single-Cup Brewer. The B70 offers flexibility, variety, convenience, and quality. Includes 1 box of free K-Cup portion packs. $152.60
  • Keurig Single-Cup Elite B40 Brewer offers ultimate convenience at the lowest price. Enjoy perfect coffee or tea at the touch of a button. Includes a free Variety Pack of 22 K-Cup portion packs and offers two brew sizes. $119.95
  • Mini Plus is easy to operate - Simply pour 6, 8 or 10 ounces of fresh water into the single-use reservoir, CHOOSE your favorite K-Cup, BREW in under 2 minutes and ENJOY. Comes with a free variety pack of 22 K-Cup portion packs $84.76
  • Capsules - Breakfast Blend is one of our most popular blends. It has a rich taste and medium acidity. Pk of 24 $16.49


  • Cuisinart Single Serve Coffee Maker - a cup of coffee for yourself or a dozen beverages for guests, this single-serve brewing system perfectly prepares cup after cup of freshly brewed coffee, tea and hot cocoa in under one minute (uses Keurig capsules). $199.95
  • Cuisinart Coffee on Demand - this sophisticated and compact coffeemaker makes up to 12 cups of coffee and dispenses one hot cup at a time – just press the lever. $99.95
  • Cuisinart Single Brewing Unit - Charcoal water filter removes impurities that could interfere with taste. Prepares coffee, teas and cocoa in a manner of minutes. $199.00
CBTL: Product images & screenshots
CBTL Coupons
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CBTL: Customer reviews & comments

CBTL is helping coffee lovers capitalize on what their early morning ritual can offer with their top of the line units and flavors. See for yourself what their customers think of their invention:

" I like to use an espresso capsule with the brew setting and top it off with warmed milk. When the coffee cycle is complete, remove your cup and raise the lever to eject the used capsule into the pull out receptacle behind the drip pan and discard it. After you have used your unit and are ready to turn it off for the day, run a short water cycle through the machine without a capsule to clear the small tubes. Clean up is easy, just remove the receptacle and rinse it off in the sink. I empty the water reservoir as well. After a week with the machine and with the various products offered by Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf company, I'm a fan! The only drawback is that the capsules are not available in any local store and must be ordered online through the company -- and each beverage serving will cost you about 60¢. When you go online to find out how to get the capsules you find the following information about the CBTL(tm) premium club " Read more...

" We got it just before Christmas, along with the CBTL milk frother. Less than a month later, we've made a LOT of lattes, mochas and coffees and are really happy with the machine and the frother. My favorite is a latte made with the Italian espresso short shot. The coffees are really nice, too, with their own rich crema, thicker and richer than anything you can get out of a Keurig. Granted, there's not a huge choice of coffees for this machine (about 8 or so), but they are nice and distinctive; there's good variety in the taste of what they do provide. For me though, when combined with the milk frother, the highlight of this machine is the superb espresso drinks you can make quickly and easily.

" I highly recommend this machine, and I thank my Keurig for being so flaky: if it had been better behaved, I might have gone years without experiencing this much higher-quality home coffee machine. The CBTL is so far one of the more pleasurable and satisfying purchases I have made in a long time. Thanks to the reviewers who helped me find it. Hope it works well for you, too! " Read more...

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